Sunday, October 14, 2012

Practice what you teach

Later this month, the project team I've been 'leading' will face the music.  The product we've designed, developed, and tested (okay, still testing...) will be delivered.  To the entire campus.  Faculty. Staff. Students.  No pressure there, let me tell you.

I'm pleased with the product...and the feedback gathered (when it's rolled out) will help determine how, when, and where we use technology to facilitate learning.  My role as titular leader of our happy little band coexists this semester with teaching an MBA course on managing and leading organizations, so there are many opportunities for observing my own successes and challenges.

There are few things quite as humbling as having to practice what we teach.

I have no direct reports on the project team, no direct responsibility for the budget (I did get to spend money, though, which is always nice), and total responsibility for meeting deadlines and delivering what we envisioned.  Welcome to the world of leading by influence, where a clear vision, enthusiasm, and sharing the anticipated good fortune of success is the currency of the realm.  

We'll see how this goes...

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