Thursday, August 20, 2009

The classroom debut

The Collaborative Classroom is ready and what a difference! The new tools are reasonably straightforward, so students should be able to engage in learning that extends as far as the technology. Teams, collaboration, and problem-solving (real time...during the class) designed to replicate as closely as possible the work for which we are preparing our students. It forces me to think about how to structure assignments to provide enough guidance to make sure we meet course objectives, without getting in the way of our very bright students.

A Capstone course--one intended to take content from multiple courses and synthesize a cohesive framework for understanding how businesses use strategy and planning--is an opportunity for students to produce a portfolio of work that reflects well upon them and upon their education. Student feedback will help determine whether we accomplish that goal.


  1. Rebecca, the Tech Center team is so excited to have this new style classroom space! we all peek in the small glass window each time we pass by the classroom just to see what the students are doing! Sandy

  2. We all feel that way! Even the students, if the buzz in the room (while they're working) is any indication. And the Tech Center team made it happen...thank you!


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